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Periodontal Treatment

Your teeth are not the only important parts of your mouth. Your gums have a direct influence on not only the health of your teeth, but your overall well being. This is why periodontal treatment is such an important component of your dental care, especially if you suffer from any level of periodontal disease. Dr. Jaime Estrada, DDS offers comprehensive periodontal treatment plans at his Hudson and Port Richey, Florida locations to help all patients restore their mouths back to health.

Why Do Your Gums Really Matter?

Just like a flower needs healthy soil in order to grow, your teeth need healthy gums in order to survive. As the tissues of the mouth that support your teeth, your gums are essential to your overall oral health. If you neglect to care for your gums, plaque and tarter will accumulate and eventually cause gum disease to develop. Periodontal disease begins in a minor form called gingivitis, which is defined by red, swollen, and tender gums that bleed too easily. Gingivitis can be reversed with attentive oral hygiene, but if left unresolved it can morph into a more serious form of gum disease called periodontitis. If nothing is done, gum disease eventually destroys the fibers and bone that support your teeth.

Are You At Risk of Periodontal Disease?

There are multiple symptoms and risk factors that indicate and increase the likelihood of periodontal disease. Red and swollen gums, tender and bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, and loose teeth are all common indications of periodontal disease. Lifestyle habits and conditions such as smoking, hormonal changes, diabetes, heart problems, and chronic illnesses all make periodontal disease more likely.

Seek Treatment Before It’s Too Late

Fortunately, periodontal conditions can be treated before lasting damage occurs, but it is essential that you visit a trusted dentist to receive the care you need. Dr. Estrada offers customized periodontal treatments to his patients based upon their exact symptoms and oral condition. Dr. Estrada uses advanced technologies to identify and target the dangerous organisms living in your gums, like bacteria, fungi, and parasites. He will help you develop a personalized treatment plan to strengthen your gums and restore them to full health. He believes that you deserve the very best oral care, so call (727) 203-5580 today to make your first appointment.

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