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Braces (Orthodontia)


You want straight teeth, but you don’t want to endure years of uncomfortable and unsightly braces in order to achieve a beautiful smile. This is exactly why Dr. Estrada offers FastBraces® in Hudson and Port Richey, Florida, to his patients throughout Hudson and Port Richey, Florida. FastBraces® technology provides quick orthodontist solutions that strengthen teeth in days, not years. Thanks to FastBraces®, 120 days is all it takes to straighten crooked teeth and smile proudly for the first time.

How Does FastBraces® Technology Work?

The FastBraces® system has revolutionized the field of orthodontics by moving teeth differently than traditional braces. In a traditional braces system, the teeth are moved into their correct position in two stages over the span of two years. The crown of the tooth becomes aligned over the first year, and the root of the tooth becomes aligned in the second year. The FastBraces® brackets utilize an entirely different mechanical principle to achieve much faster alignment.

The patented FastBraces® system uses triangular brackets and specialized square wires to position the root of the tooth first. This makes it easier (and quicker!) to then align the crown of the tooth properly. All of this is done gently so that you can enjoy the results of teeth straightening without the pain associated with common braces.

What Are the Benefits of Using FastBraces®?

So many patients turn to Dr. Estrada for their FastBraces® because the innovative system provides many benefits compared to conventional braces:

Quick Result: Some patients see the results from their FastBraces® begin after just weeks! The average treatment time is 120 days, with some very complex cases requiring up to a year for desired results. This is dramatically shorter than conventional braces that need an average of two years to straighten teeth!

Less Pain, More Comfort: According to research, FastBraces® technology makes it possible for the teeth to shift with less friction and a more clear-cut path of sliding. This reduces pain while enhancing results.

Proven Methodology: The FastBraces® system has been used since 1992 and has been improving for nearly three decades, so you can trust FastBraces® technology to deliver the results it promises.

Work With Dr. Estrada For Your FastBraces®

Dr. Estrada is committed to providing his patients the highest quality of care using innovative methods that cut costs while improving outcomes. Call (727) 203-5580 today to make your appointment with Dr. Estrada at one of his locations in Hudson and New Port Richey, Florida.

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